We help students understand biblical authority and how to use their lives and STEM talents for the glory of God.

STEM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Math. It brings together individuals with knowledge in each of these academic disciplines to work together to solve problems that would be impossible for an individual to solve efficiently. It emphasizes teamwork. It is a most important job skill for today’s “high tech” job market.

Camp Infinity integrates a strong creation apologetics focus with STEM education. We help students learn to counteract skeptics’ attacks on the word of God that are based on so-called “science.”

Camp Infinity’s mission is to inspire students to explore how science and technology integrate with a creation apologetics worldview, preparing them to explain and defend their faith and succeed in their STEM education and in their future careers.

Learn from leading scientists and creation apologists.
At Camp Infinity you’ll get the unique opportunity to interact with experts who help you make creation apologetics personal. These daily sessions will allow you to learn new facts, ask big questions and discuss key issues. Featured sessions include:

  • Science Confirms the Bible
  • STEM Careers
  • STEM Synergy
  • The Wonders of the Cell
  • Carry out the Creation Mandate Thru STEM
  • Genetics, Evolution & Creation: Most Asked Questions
  • How to Think About Origins
  • Scientific Discovery: You Can’t Get There Without Christ


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