We created Landmark Events to encourage and edify families by preserving providential history and facilitating events that prepositionally address the ethical issues of our time.

Historian David McCullough suggested that trying to understand the future without learning from the past is like trying to plant cut flowers. All our knowledge, our beliefs, our world-view, our identity, and those of the generations to come are rooted in the verities of history, which are based, in turn, on the infallible and inerrant historical truths of the revealed Word of God. Without history—religion and philosophy, the arts and sciences, mathematics, language, music and literature have no meaning. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Douglas Southall Freeman rightly observed that “history is the great lamp that illumines every other study; without it, we grope in the dark.” Every person, event, and nation is a product of the past and we cannot escape that fact. See full article here.

At Landmark Events we are passionate about teaching history to the next generation. When our children, and we ourselves, study true history they will develop a sense of context, understanding that they are not a random occurrence amidst a sea of random occurrences, but uniquely placed in time. The benefits they now enjoy were wrought by the sacrifice of their predecessors, and consequently they have a duty to steward what has been given them and an appropriate weight of responsibility to provide for the following generation. As we mine the treasures of history together, we will foster a sense of gratitude for our present inheritance and nurture a vision of hope for our future.


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