Called “a powerhouse institution that can get out there and change [culture] through law, medicine, and politics,” by the Washington Post, Liberty University enables students to not only excel professionally, but also to infuse culture with the richness of faith. Here, we believe in comprehensive education — in developing the whole person and freeing students to become capable leaders, family members, and citizens who live life with integrity.

Liberty has a broader vision than most schools. We believe that by giving students a greater understanding of themselves and their world, our graduates will be men and women defined not merely by their careers, but by their influence in and beyond the workplace.

Our faith is what compels us to understand the world around us and to promote the pursuit of knowledge. Liberty’s mission of Training Champions for Christ challenges students to think critically and creatively, becoming men and women of character who will make a positive difference in their communities and in the world. Though Liberty’s global influence and academic acclaim continue to rise, the university is grounded in a commitment to Christ and to the Christian intellectual tradition. Students here are not simply prepared for a vocation; they are prepared for life.

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