The Mount St Helens Creation Center seeks to witness to the truth of the Bible from the very first, particularly by referring to the eruptions of Mount St Helens in the 1980’s.

We are excited to offer educational and interpretative excursions around the Mount St Helens area, and particularly welcome visits from homeschool groups and churches.

Please pray with us, as we seek God’s favor in building disciples in the Pacific Northwest.

Day-long Field Adventures are led to the mountain a few times weekly in the summer months, and the Creation Worldview Classes meet weekly during the winter.  The Center welcomes visitors’ year-long and six days a week who enjoy video tutorials about the volcano, a “Walk through Time,” and a remarkable Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.  Come and learn about the greatest geologic event of the 20th Century and how Mount St. Helens offers a window into earth’s catastrophic past, including a recent Creation and world-destroying Flood.


Our Address:

147 Front Avenue NW, Castle Rock WA 98611.


46.2761447, -122.9084062


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